Breaking The Silence

As you’ve probably noticed, I have not posted anything for the past couple of months on this site. This was due to a certain amount of ambiguity Dustin and I were facing as we tried to figure out together which direction our lives were going.

This blog was started earlier in the year, fueled by our dream to sail off into the sunset together and travel around the Caribbean in a sailboat. We wanted to make it happen ASAP and I wanted to chronicle the process of getting to this ultimate adventure. But the truth is, we are not in a position to make it happen just yet. And that’s ok. But I felt like I couldn’t write new posts about chasing our dreams when in fact, we will probably be putting those on hold for awhile to do adult things, like pay off debt, make our house more of a home, and decide whether we want kids or not. I thought, “who would want to read about that?” So I simply did not write. But the truth is, it is all part of our story. And whether or not we get to the point of being able to sail around the islands, we are still writing our story and however it turns out, it will be what we wanted to do. We still go on a lot of amazing adventures that I’d like to share with you all.

So rather than this being a blog solely about the steps we are taking to get to sailing, which is what I initially thought it would be, I am going to shift it more towards what it has already shaped itself to be- a platform for sharing our adventures and travel experiences with everyone. I will still post updates as our sailing dream progresses, but that will no longer be the sole basis for my blog. Also, I will not be continuing the “Quote of the Day” page at this time.

Stay tuned for the second half of the story from our trip to Costa Rica as well as a new post about my recent trip to Guatemala! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Breaking The Silence

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  1. Anything in your life is of interest to me and I’m most positive, the rest of your family!!
    Your dreams will come true, maybe not tomorrow, but someday!! Don’t fret, just enjoy life and take one day at a time!!
    And keep posting!!
    Love you both so much!!

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